Extracurricular Activities & Skills

  • Conducted Machine Learning research on recognizing human emotions through voice
  • Developed an AI assistant and integrated the emotion recognition algorithm into it 
  • Created a wirelessly controlled Arduino robot with an accelerometer glove (RoboBuba)
  • Designed and produced a robot head (hardware for my AI assistant) that recognizes and shows emotions 
  • Worked with both Arduino and Raspberry pi
  • Since 10th grade, I take a 3-year “IT Career” course from the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Sciences with modules including:
    • OOP
    • Data Structures and Algorithms
    • SQL Data Bases
    • Software Development
    • Internship 
  • “Python Fundamentals” – Software University 2019, certificate
  • “C# Basics” – Software University 2019, certificate
  • Internship at “Prime Holding” – completed a project as part of a team of interns (summer 2021)
  • Lecturer at “Digital Competence 2018” – my friend and I presented a NAO robot –its mechanics and how to program i
  • Won a 3D printer as a prize from a hardware competition and 3D printing became an interesting quarantine hobby for me
  • Personally designed and printed both of my hardware projects – RoboBuba and QUINN
  • Blender & Fusion 360
  • Earned experience in producing and editing audiovideo, and image materials
  • Made my own logos for the projects & the website
  • Adobe Photoshop, Camtasia, Audacity
  • People to People International – volunteering in the PTPI community since 8th grade; participated in & organized workshops and events; hosted two girls from Kosovo during the PTPI European Conference 2019 in Bulgaria and helped with the organization of the international event
  • Prepared and organized “AI and Robotics” club in school during the 2021 summer
  • Engaged kids and taught robotics to them with my RoboBuba robot
  • Taught Lego robotics to kids in a childcare center
  • Teqball – became the first woman on the national Bulgarian Teqball team & participated in the Teqball World Cup 2019 in Hungary
  • Tennis – playing every week
  • Other sports that I enjoy: volleyball, basketball, soccer

< Volunteering >

World Cup 2019 Hungary - became the first woman in the national teqball team of Bulgaria

< Teqball >

Teqball competition in Bulgaria 2021
Introduction to 3D modeling and Electronics

< Organized "Robotics & AI" Summer Club at School >

3D modeling QUINN in Blender

< 3D Modeling & Printing >

3D printing at home during the pandemic

< Tennis >

Gabriela Chavgova tennis
Playing tennis with friends
Hong Kong
Hong Kong (during HKIMO - olympiad)

< Traveling >

Singapore (during SIMOC - olympiad)

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