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ISEF Bulgarian Team - Gabriela Chavgova

Bulgarian Students' Awards from Regeneron ISEF

Excellent performance for Bulgarian students at the largest competition for high school students related to science and engineering in the world for the year. They won a total of 7 awards from the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (Regeneron ISEF).

ISEF 2021 Finalists

In this article, I – Gabriela Chavgova – am being announced as one of the Bulgarian ISEF (International Science and Engineering Fair) finalists.

Gabriela Chavgova - QUINN (Габриела Чавгова)

Gabriela Chavgova Will Represent Bulgaria at an International Science Fair

Gabriela Chavgova and Radostin Cholakov – qualified for international science fairs 2021.

Gabriela Chavgova

Acting – Interview

First I was interviewed, then I successfully finished a 6-module Acting Course. I signed a contract with an acting company to represent me and took part in a teen TV show.

Gabriela Chavgova - RoboBuba - Minyu Balkanski

Young Inventors Competition, organized by the “Minyu Balkanski” Foundation

As shown in the picture, I – Gabriela Chavgova – present my first robot RoboBuba. I ranked 2nd.

Gabriela Chavgova - SIMOC

Medal from SIMOC

I qualified for and participated in Singapore International Math Olympiad Challenge, winning a Bronze Award for Bulgaria.