Gabriela is a very cheerful and innovative young person & researcher. I know her for a few years now, noticing a progressive potential in her AI research efforts. At present, she is focusing on deep learning for machine emotions recognition and robotics controllers. Her interests are addressing both computer science and especially emotional robotics, using applied mathematics and 3D design. It is worth noting that Gabriela is also a winner of Secure Digital Future 21 special informatics international distinguish in Spring, 2020, jointly with several other national awards. Apart from this, she is a very artistic presenter and manages easily to inspire the public with her energy and motivation.


In the three years I have been teaching Gabriela, she has never let a class pass without her personal touch. A young lady who is aware of her abilities and potential, she confidently demonstrates them on any desired occasion. She takes her time and energy to complete all her assignments in her meticulously attentive way, regardless of the difficulty or novelty of the task. In a result-oriented environment, where most of the students only seek higher grades, what she strives for is knowledge.


I mentored Gabi on her research project about AI emotion recognition. My first impression was the speed at which she managed to adapt to learning about python, data pipelines, and neural networks. She navigates uncertain and complex topics well and manages to make use of them quickly. What stands out for her is a strong desire to succeed well beyond any reasonable expectations, while also being able to manage the inevitable stress that comes with that.